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The “What I Be” Project-
People are not their insecurities. They are not their stereotypes. They are not their actions, or their beliefs. They aren’t even their mistakes. Who they are, who YOU are, is based solely on who you choice to be. It is not any of those things that define you. How others see and treat you do not define you. The only one who that can do so is you. Being insecure is unfortunately part if like; everyone experiences them. So embrace them! Don’t let them hold you back, SHOUT them from the heavens, and prove to the world that insecure or not YOU ARE YOU!

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All of the above were things I was asked/told in the past week.

You forgot the “Is that anime?” one. 

oh, and “is that you?”

"why does he/she only have one eye?"

OR MY PERSONAL FAVORITE “Why does he look like a girl?”

OR OR OR “Are you drawing porn?”


my exact responce is “I don’t draw porn in school.”

" how do you draw like that?!"
- I was cursed as child of lacking athletic ability



do not delete:

unsafe for women, little girls, and other innocent people of all genders

unsafe for survivors of rape and abuse

unsafe for the children who google search their favourite pony and find porn and ‘princess molestia’

unsafe for parents who go out with their children only to be yelled at by a neckbeard in a fedora

unsafe for the horse statues and other structures to be vandalized by ‘brony pride’

unsafe for queer people, where bronies now reclaim ‘coming out’ for their own selfish reasons

i could go on for days. but you see where i’m going.

if you’re a brony and have done nothing wrong, then obviously this doesn’t apply to you. i actually have a few brony friends! there are a few good apples on the tree!

but if you’re a brony and you’re offended, clearly you’re part of the problem. end of story. 

I’m not even in the MLP fandom but I’m gonna reblog anyway.

Whoa whoa whoa! Listen I know you may not like the brony fandom but lets be honest, every fandom has a dark side. We don’t need to be using “queer” and we cant just blame the fandom of its entirety. I’m offended because what you have to say IS offensive to people, even if they don’t fall under this ” molester” category you speak of. Don’t mean to give a lecture but maybe you should watch your words.

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